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I started Self Revolution Coaching to help high achieving professionals, that are tired of sacrificing their health and life for work. I help them restore their vitality, which includes health and that sense of aliveness or wellbeing. I spent my professional career managing some of the world's largest brands before I embraced my calling and became a certified health and performance coach.

I struggled with stress induced health issues that ranged from auto-immune disease to weight gain and emotional eating for years before I took back my power and created the life I really wanted. ​What I know for sure is that health is the first doorway to peak performance. But to what end? My friend, let me tell you performance and achievement without fulfillment is an empty victory. As a result of that experience and coming out on the other side with more vitality, I've dedicated myself to supporting others on their wellness journey.

Welcome To Your Self Revolution!

Monique "MJ" Jackson

Founder and Executive Health Coach

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